Isis King

Age: 22 Years Old

Hometown: Prince George Town, Maryland

Occupation: Program Assistant At Non-Profit Organization

Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches (170 cm)

CW Page

CW Portfolio


Promotional Photo


• Great Model Pose

• Couldn’t Tell She Was A Boy

• Very Pretty

Political Issues Made Sexy: Privacy (Mike Rosenthal)


• Called 2nd For Photo

• Looks As If She Is Holding Up Ballot Against Chest So No Can See It

• Only One That Knew Her Stuff About Modeling

Posing On A Rope Ladder (Mike Ruiz)


• Called 12 For Photo

• Landed In The Bottom 2

• Arms Look Horrendous

• Face Looks Bad As Well

Makeover Photo


• Looks Way Better Than Before

• Won’t Have To Wear Braid Anymore

• Why Is She Touching Her Ear?

Swimsuit (Russell James)


• Called 9th For Photo

• Eyes Are Sleepy

• Was Worried Too Much About Her Body

• Too Many Of The Same Shots

Eyes Above Water (Nigel Barker)

• Called 11th For Photo

• Was Eliminated

• Eyes Are Sleepier Than Week Before

• Arm And Hand Is The Focus Of The Photo


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