Joslyn Pennywell

Age: 23 Years Old

Hometown: Lucky, Louisiana

Occupation: Majoring Business Management Student

Height: 5 Feet 11.5 Inches (181.5 cm)

Ethnicity: African American


Promotional Photo


• Looks Old, But Is The Oldest

• Pretty

Political Issues Made Sexy: Unemployment (Mike Rosenthal)


• Called 4th For Photo

• Good Expression

Posing On A Rope Ladder (Mike Ruiz)


• Called 3rd For Photo

• Great Shot

• Looks Effortless

• Looks Like She Is Floating On The Ladder

Makeover Photo


• Not Much Change

• Awesome Pose And Face

Swimsuit (Russell James)


• Called 6th For Photo

• Using Classic Hand On Hip Pose

• Fantastic Facial Expression

Eyes Above Water (Nigel Barker)


• Called 7th For Photo

• Does Not Know How To Swim

• Won Challenge For A Photoshoot In Seventeen Magazine And Shared It With Isis And Sheena

L.A. Disasters: Rockslide (Brian Edwards)


• Called 8th For Photo

• Landed In The Bottom 2

• Terrible Facial Expression, Looks Sad

The Fiercee Awards Snafu: Another Starlet In The Same Gown (Mike Rosenthal)


• Called 6th For Photo

• Used Her Signature Pose In Photoshoot

• Looks Distressed In A Good Way

CoverGirl Commercial


• Called 7th For Commercial

• Was Eliminated

• Too Happy In The Commercial

• Used Too Many Hand Signals


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